Time Management

I’ve always been a passionate in time management, and always wished that I don’t want to lose a second from my time; also, I was shouting to my wife if she delays even for seconds on one of our appointments.

I was squeezing my time doing things in order to save those seconds to do another falsehood stuff. I was delaying shaving my beard, cleaning my shoe, sweeping out my desk, washing my car, ironing my shirts, dressing myself, combing my hair and paying my due bills, in order to convince myself that this way I’m saving time, however calling this time management.

Out of the blue I found that this is not the way you grip things, or managing your time, I found that instead of making my life better by quenching my thirst using this incorrect method, I was ruining my entire life.

I stopped and looked back, figuring out what I have done by compressing my time this hilarious way? I found out that I’ve done barely nothing!

I started looking for solutions and answers; and I found that it all depends on planning your targets; so I immediately started planning my daily, quarterly, annually, and 5 years plans.

I found that it adds up, if you achieve your daily goals it means that your 5 years plan is just a mile away; work hard for your targets and plans, draw your mind map, roadmap your destination, and congratulate yourself for each milestone you achieve.

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