Power of Questions

Questions are great conversation starters. It seems everyone has a story to tell or an opinion to share. And
to get it, you need only to ask. Good questions invite people to open up about themselves and divulge their
thoughts and feelings on a wide variety of topics.

Many people underestimate the power of questions, when you ask yourself a depressing question, your brain will immediately turn your focus into a depressing solution or idea, in contrary, when you ask yourself a brilliant question, immediately your brain will steer your focus into a brilliant solution or idea.

In reality, as people are not the same, the way they ask questions is not the same as well.

Somebody may ask, “why me? why all this happening to me? Why I’m not so rich? These are considered disempowering questions, and fuel only disappointment.

If you change the question to “How can I use my situation to be better? Or How can I take advantage of my current position?” this question will open up a new perspective to solving the problem and will bring a flow of positive ideas to your brain.


Great questions, lead to great answers; disappointing questions lead to disappointing answers.


Change your failure into a success by changing the way you look to the problem.

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